ROI | ICO & Token Crowdsale Investment Banking Advisory
ICO, token crowdsale, investment banking, initial coin offering
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Advisory for Token Crowd Sales, Coin Offerings & Blockchain Technology



Raising capital in the world of cryptocurrency and digital finance requires access to the proper tools for the likes of AML, KYC investor verification and proper oversight. We have partnered with some of the best platforms in the industry for systematizing the process of digital token crowdsales.


With deep experience in finance and capital transactions, our team brings both breadth and depth to your digital currency capital transaction. Our experience includes raising millions from accredited and institutional investors across numerous markets.



Crytocurrency and blockchain crowdsales require an enhanced understanding of the nuances and regulatory risk across various jurisdictions. We have developed an internal roadmap, process and network among securities counsel leaders in the crypto space to provide guidance on legal structure for your offering.


Critical to your offering’s success it the proper mix of brand strategy, media planning and buying, digital content creation & distribution and the tools and contacts to pull it off effectively. We pride ourselves on being able to reach targeted global digital asset investors across numerous sectors.



Software and technology buy and sell-side merger and acquisition advisory assistance for blockchain and other distributed ledger-based companies. We work with founders and acquisitive, strategic buyers to facilitate M&A transactions across the middle market in software and tech.