Digital Signage

Digital signage is somewhat of an extension of the AV world in that it utilizes the resources of audio video, but the knowledge-base of information technology. Digital signs are a form of corporate IPTV which allow direct message communication to employees, customers and other passersby to a digital display in real time. Advanced scheduling tools allow network operators to deliver targeted and personalized messages to any audience at any time. In this way, digital signage can be a very powerful communications tool.
We work directly with industry leaders in the development of unique content for targeted messages to your displays, but most importantly we aid in the installation and integration of your networked displays. The size of the network is immaterial. Regardless of whether you have one display for a simple digital menu board installation or thousands strew across multiple countries and geographies, we are there as your installation partner helping you through every stage of your digital signage roll out.
While digital signage may seem simple, there are actually many moving parts. Ensuring your signage deployment goes over without a hitch is a highly crucial necessity, especially for ensuring you waste no time and husband your capital in the most efficient way possible. That is where we come in. Vidipax helps you to be more efficient in managing your deployment project. From initial project meeting to final project management and roll out, we are there every step of the way to ensure your digital signage is installed properly. Contact us today for more information or a specialized quote.