Some have argued domaining is dead. Certainly traditional domain name investing is not what it used to be. Unlike the wild-west days of the web, today one must be much more selective in acquiring and using domain names. Even if you find exact match domains which fit your keyword profile, link-building and standard SEO work still remain. And, for those familiar with acquiring previously owned, operated and trafficked sites with high PageRank and excellent backlinks, the price can be high. That’s where we come in.
At Nead & Co., we offer high-profile domain name acquisition services. We specialize in working to obtain both exact match and high PageRank domain names.
Exact match domains are helpful in your online marketing efforts for a couple of reasons. First, they make it easy for customers and potential customers to remember and return. You become top of mind because of the generic nature of your domain. Second, past experience has shown that exact match domain names outrank their counterparts–all else being equal–in search engine results. However, some of the effect of matched domains is lessened as people are more likely to choose the brand name over the generic. Which is often why link building remains one of the greatest and most important aspects of SEOs.
Machine learning and advancing algorithms is also making the search engines more able to decipher between the generic and brands as well. Which is why we work to help you build your brand through the acquisition of high PageRank (PR) domains. Those looking to invest in high PR domains will find our service rather helpful. Here is how our high PR acquisition services work.

  • We periodically send you lists of domains who have high legitimate PageRank based on actual links from well-known, trafficked sites. If we are able to obtain the site for you, we charge you for the acquisition price, plus a 15% surcharge for our service.
  • If the domain is an auctioned or dropped domain with PR, we simply use the price + 15% rule based on your maximum bid threshold.
  • Once we’ve acquired the domain for you, we can help you build it out, and maximize your online property by building your own brand around the name (as long as trademark infringement does not exist) and even use it to build out your own mini link wheel or small SEO network.

Regardless of your intent, we can help you maximize your revenue through our domain name purchasing and domain acquisition service. You can continue to give others control of your SEO, or you can take control yourself, by purchasing digital property. Contact us today to get the ball rolling.