As changes in energy and fuel–including electricity, natural gas, nuclear, and green energy–continue to be hot topics of debate in both public and private debates, Nead & Co. seeks to invest and supply sustainable solutions for both business and residential energy consumers.
Saving money and resources on commodities and utilities is a very general goal of most organizations. Doing so without an energy consultant can not only be extremely difficult, but time consuming. Nead & Co. works with top-name energy and power providers in delivering premium, inexpensive energy to commercial and residential consumers.
Diversifying our energy portfolio between standard fossil-driven electricity, natural gas, and green energy (wind & solar) helps us in not only delivering some of the best service around, but also prepares us for changes coming in the power consumption habits of the U.S. and abroad.
If you own or manage the power consumption for a business or if you are simply a residential power consumer, please feel free to reach out to us. Our representatives can assist you in finding the best electricity and energy rates imaginable.