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    Our healthcare investment banking group provides the right mix of human and capital resources to maximize outcomes in mergers, acquisitions and capital financing transactions across the healthcare and medical sector. We provide financial consulting for operations, acquisitions and follow-on or public offerings in everything from healthcare diagnostics to medical related real estate. Our experienced capital advisory network includes direct strategic and financial buyers on both the buy and sell-side of M&A transactions across the healthcare markets.  We cover nearly every subsector of the healthcare and medical market including: research & equipment, healthcare IT, medical devices, diagnostics equipment & consumables, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical insurance and even over-the-counter consumer healthcare products.

    Our deep healthcare-specific expertise provides our clients with the hands-on meaningful transaction assistance across the healthcare landscape. From financing growth equity and debt deals to strategic acquisition growth advisory in very specialized areas of expertise, we assist healthcare firms in maximizing the value extracted from each engagement.

    We maximize capital transaction outcomes at nearly every stage

    Our expert healthcare capital advisory services include

    • Buy & Sell-Side M&A Advisory

    • Private Placement Advisory

    • Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

    • Follow-on Equity Offerings

    • Joint Venture Capital

    • Debt & Mezzanine Financing

    • Public Note Offerings

    • Family Office Financing

    • General Private Equity

    • Preferred Equity Offerings

    • Public Market Equity Capital

    Customized Engagements

    No two deals are exactly the same. This is especially true in capital transactions involving the healthcare and medical markets. The overall market is broad and extensive, with some of the subsectors reaching trillions in annual revenues. Understanding both the nuances of each healthcare market as well as the various capital players who work and invest allows us to be extremely targeted and customized in our approach to the market. Our experience in the medical field provides us with the direct expertise to source and close varying and complex buy and sell-side mandates across middle-market healthcare and medical firms.

    Our clients range from dental practice services conglomerates to high-technology diagnostics equipment producers. Whether we are engaged with a client looking to sell a business or source the right equity or debt partner for scaled growth, we leverage our internal database of active investors to bring a true market demand approach to each deal.

    Depending on the type of transaction in which we are engaged, we work with shareholders to craft the right plan for their project and capital transaction. In each scenario, we work to create a very targeted offering memorandum to take to a very tailored and targeted list of potential industry-specific investors and/or buyers.

    Healthcare Investment Banking

    Expert capital advisory solutions for healthcare & medical mergers, acquisitions and capital requisition