Client Advisory & Direct Investing

Private Equity & Real Estate Investing

Business investing represents one of the best methods for building wealth. While investing in private and public companies can often present a greater risk for investors such risk can often be curtailed through thoughtful and knowledgeable research into the businesses in question. Our clients are represented by two types of individuals investors and entrepreneurs. Connecting the two is where great ideas are hatched into profitable and healthy long-lasting businesses.

We not only invest directly, we also work with venture capitalists, banks, and angel investors to help grow viable companies. Generally our clients own existing businesses with proven business models and existing clients. This method not only makes it easier to secure funding, but also ensures that we are able to find some of the best and brightest investors for our various investment opportunities.

Individually we work in the areas of finance, accounting and marketing to help take products to consumers and businesses and then track success and accountability after the infusion of capital. Whether you wish to invest in profitable and growing businesses or you are needing more capital to get the ball rolling, contact us. We can help.

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