Our research team provides expert insight into structures, investors and market trends using both proprietary data as well as some of the industry’s best paid data sources. In performing research for our clients we actively explore the four quadrants of real estate financing including public debt, private debt, public equity and private equity. By utilizing quality internal and external data tools, we are better able to assess would-be investors in a transaction. In addition, our market research team utilizes data to assist in preparing pitchbooks and investor materials for deal marketing and outreach.

Our research team covers the gambit of available financing options, deal structures, investment vehicle types and, of course, the investors who play in the relative niches within the industry. Such research includes derivative areas of interest including real estate risk management, portfolio valuation, transaction modeling, portfolio structuring, debt/equity structures, mortgage-backed securities and other mortgage finance trends affecting the industry.

The right real estate research assistance for public and private transactions helps investors better navigate timing decisions which can be impacted by market cycles and investor trends. By utilizing the best available market intelligence, combined with our detailed acumen for finance we are better able to sync the right investors with the deals that best match their individual investment parameters.