Smart Grid

Multiple business locations can be difficult to manage, especially if organizations wish to aggregate multiple energy data feeds and provide comprehensive carbon footprint metrics for evaluating usage and potential investment strategies. Luckily, we’ve created a solution that can help.
Growing concerns, including increasing greenhouse gas emissions, carbon damage and corporate expenses have spawned an increase in the number of scope of energy solutions available to enterprise businesses. Adequate tracking and company-wide change takes place most effectively when proper measurement is included in organizations’ data plan.
Grid2 accurate extracts data from across the energy value chain to give corporate energy management personnel the unique ability to make comprehensive energy decisions. Data includes accurate information on rate hedging plans, carbon , weather forecasting, pricing, consumption, demand and supply.
The Grid2 software and consulting mix allows for:

  • Optimal synergy of business resources for carbon reduction and energy resource maximization
  • Proper planning for short and long-term contract and supply horizons, painting a holistic picture of energy usage metrics
  • Quality facility and HVAC control and management mix for reducing overall energy costs
  • Energy evaluation metrics for proper investment allocation and a high overall return on energy investment