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Human Capital + Financial Capital

We connect qualified nascent and mature companies with talent & financial resources.


At some point, your corporate growth and success will require asset and resource infusions.


We offer several unique approaches to sourcing the right financial capital for your business. We utilize bank loans, alternative private loans, notes, mezzanine lenders, private placements & private equity, public offerings and crowdfunding to source the right capital for the right strategic structure and growth plan. So whether the business needs financing for strategic M&A, working capital or financing for key employee acquisitions, we can help.

Growing plant in soil isolated on white background.
Growing plant in soil isolated on white background.


The most important resource at any company’s disposal are its people. The intellectual capital housed in the minds of your employees represents one of the most untapped resources of many a public and private enterprise. We help to both source & retain top talent for growing, professional organizations. Our principals have expert experience in the financial markets in both hiring and sourcing some of the best business and financial minds. In addition, we boast a database of direct contacts for sourcing and recruiting that is unparalleled. Whether you’re looking to source a highly qualified analyst or CEO/CFO, we’re connected with the right contacts to bring you highly-qualified employment leads.



Long-term sustainable growth is the hallmark of some of the best-built businesses.


Your corporate growth should not have a conceivable end. We hold firm to the mantra that a business should far outlast its founders and investors. We’re keenly interested in bolstering companies at the outset, but we look to provide the strategic and financial tools that will allow your business to expand in a sustainable manner. Growth without sustainability is irresponsible. We’re more than just deal-makers. We’re company creators with a focus on the long-term potential cash flows of your growing enterprise. When it comes time to procure the right services and/or assistance for your company’s sustainable growth, reach out to us. We would love to help.

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Growing plant in soil isolated on white background.