Debt & Equity for Mergers & Acquisitions

Business Acquisition Financing

Financing is the lifeblood of any business. Regardless of whether your business is a small startup or an established enterprise, you can reach your goals with the right financing solution and the least amount of capital. Our team of expert investment banking consultants is knowledgeable of the various financing structures, and we are available to advise you on the best possible finance solutions that help your business thrive. With a combination of experience, time-tested strategies, and a strategic workflow, our team helps businesses acquire the capital they need by constructing a customized strategy that helps clients achieve desired results.

Alternative Financing Solutions: Corporate Debt, Private Equity Investments, and Other Debt Structures

We specialize in helping clients with acquisition financing solutions. We work with a pool of lenders and issuers to help find the best possible mix of debt and equity to acquire the best possible financing solution. For example, private equity investments are often the best option for businesses that are profitable and growing. Regardless of business size or scope, financial status or position, or long-term goals, we help to ensure that our clients and investors get the best deals possible. Some of the possible financing options include:

M&A Financing Options

Providing direction on debt and equity structures for business acquisitions

  • Bank Loans & Asset-based Loans
  • Equipment Financing
  • Government Guaranteed Debt
  • Preferred Stock & Growth Equity
  • Private Equity Recapitalizations
  • ESOP & SBA Lending
Varying Options for Financing M&A Transactions

Expert Deal Makers

Many companies decide to invest in or acquire another existing company to grow or expand. However, few of these companies have sufficient funds, capital or assets to purchase the company in full or to acquire financing from a bank. Companies that require acquisition financing have several options available, such as a line of credit or SBA loan through a traditional lending institution.

Years of experience in financing difficult and complex M&A deals

Our team has years of experience, spanning across various niches and industries. Through our experience, we have learned the key ingredients to successful acquisition financing include finding a lender that is the best possible fit for a business’ vision and mission, and acquiring a sufficient amount of business acquisition financing.

However, securing these types of financing can be complex. Partnering with a knowledgeable and professional team of financing experts can not only help successfully acquire financing, but also ensure that financing is secured at the lowest possible cost of capital. Our firm also maintains relationships with thousands of funding sources, making acquisition financing more accessible for clients. These are just some reasons why companies turn to our team for their financing needs.

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A Comprehensive, Strategic Process Proven to Help Clients Reach Their Goals
Our team is available through each step of the acquisition financing process. We begin the process by thoroughly reviewing the client’s business plan and funding requirements. We then target lenders and investors that are the best possible fit for clients and that are also aligned with our clients’ vision and goals. Our firm serves as an intermediary between the capital source and our clients, assisting with negotiations, communications, and advising throughout the process from preparation to closing. We believe that our streamlined workflow ensures a smooth interaction and transaction between our clients and lenders.
Identifying investment opportunities can be a challenge, especially for startup businesses or private equity firms don’t typically have sufficient cash flow available. We make it possible for private equity firms to maximize their investment opportunities by exploring other strategies, such as participating in auctions.
Our Solid Reputation Backed By Hundreds of Clients
Through the years, we have built our reputation by successfully guiding our clients to acquire the necessary capital for their acquisitions. Our strategies and methods typically involve tapping into our vast network of professionals, such as attorneys, consultants, brokers and investment bankers. Our comprehensive, streamlined, and strategic process and workflow has helped hundreds of businesses just like yours move forward and reach their long-term goals.