Buy-Side M&A for Family Offices

We deliver private, accretive, not-for-sale targets for discerning, professional Family Office clients.

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Our Process

A consolidated timeline of our
buy-side process.
  • Determine Strategy

    Advisor and client determine the ideal target company profile for acquisition.
  • Market Research

    Extensive market research for identifying targets using multiple data resources
  • Target Selection

    Bifurcate and prioritize client list into most relevant and likely buy-side targets
  • Doc Creation

    Creation and dissemination of relevant acquisition support and marketing documentation, including preliminary preparation for target integration.
  • Deal Origination

    Direct phone calls, mailers and emails are sent to key stakeholders within target companies
  • Information Gathering

    Target info gathering including, transaction interests, financial history and deal timeline.
  • Deal Negotiation

    Client assistance through negotiation of specific deal points, terms and structure. Letter of Intent (LOI) submission including general price, terms and structure
  • Due Diligence

    Due diligence assistance, including data room set-up and data processing. Purchase Agreement assistance. Collaboration with legal and accounting teams to facilitate seamless DD and closure
  • Close

    Execute Definitive Agreements, fund and asset transfers.
  • Target Integration

    Complete project management of target integration per the outline from the planning stage.

Our Team

An experienced senior team of buy-side M&A professionals.

Nate Nead

Series 79, 82, 63

(888) 992-9894

Nate has been assisting clients on the buy and sell-side of M&A transactions for over 10 years.

As an experienced M&A advisor and licensed investment banker, Nate has assisted dozens of companies complex, project management-driven processes for optimizing private acquisition outcomes. Previous buy-side engagement include electrical & transformer manufacturing, oil & gas, emulsion control systems, software-as-a-service (SaaS), fintech and digital marketing software/services companies. Nate is based in Seattle, Washington.

The best deals are always not-for-sale.

Corbin Bridge

Series 79, 63

(888) 992-9894

Corbin has been advising clients on strategic acquisitions for the last three years.

Corbin is an experienced media auditing executive, working with former Fortune 1000 clients in cloud computing, retail, affiliate marketing and real estate sectors to optimize business and financial operations metrics. Corbin is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The best deals are sourced primarily from hustle and grind.

Our Fees

Simple pricing for complex solutions
Every active, client engagement includes a recurring monthly retainer fee. This monthly fee includes the services of multiple M&A consulting professionals, including licensed investment bankers, but is typically less than what one would pay for even a full-time associate. The engagement fee typically escalates as clients move toward due diligence and close. However, our engagement fee is treated as a fully-credited “draw” against any future success fee at the time of acquisition.
The bulk of our compensation is based on the contingency of a closed transaction. A reasonable, market-rate success fee is included once the client has successfully closed a quality deal with the target company. Only a single buy-side engagement fee is required, while multiple success fees may be paid over the life of a long-term engagement.
Pre-approved, ancillary out-of-pocket expenses (e.g. travel) incurred during the length of the engagement will be reimbursed by the client.

Family Office Consulting Solutions

Helping Family Office clients optimize M&A strategies

High net-worth and ultra-high net-worth individuals and families seeking a family office management firm to assist in consulting on specific investment strategies and tactics trust the Nead & Co. team of investment and finance professionals. With decades of meaningful experience, the internal and extended team of individual accredited and institutional-sized investors with whom we work is unparalleled.

Using a time-tested and confidential approach to family offices services, our team adds strategic insight and practical solutions for preserving family wealth, particularly through times of family transition. With internal research and consulting teams with expertise in legal, tax and investments the Nead & Co. team is able to deliver exceptional, tailored assistance to each client and client family.

We work with wealth advisors, accountants and attorneys to draw on years of expert opinion for assisting across the ecosystem for the complex issues that are inherent in most wealthy families. Apart from custom private equity and wealth advisory solutions, our clients receive expert training, including custom business strategy and expert research assistance for long-term planning needs.

We work with other family office management organizations to provide custom solutions for a wide variety of needs within wealthy families. Family office consultants at Nead & Co. work in a strategic way to increase the efficiency and impact of non-public, private investment opportunities in middle-market companies, including real estate opportunities. Contact us today for more information.

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