Family Office Consulting

High net-worth and ultra-high net-worth individuals and families seeking a family office management firm to assist in consulting on specific investment strategies and tactics trust the Nead & Co. team of investment and finance professionals. With decades of meaningful experience, the internal and extended team of individual accredited and institutional-sized investors with whom we work is unparalleled.
Using a time-tested and confidential approach to family offices services, our team adds strategic insight and practical solutions for preserving family wealth, particularly through times of family transition. With internal research and consulting teams with expertise in legal, tax and investments the Nead & Co. team is able to deliver exceptional, tailored assistance to each client and client family.
We work with wealth advisors, accountants and attorneys to draw on years of expert opinion for assisting across the ecosystem for the complex issues that are inherent in most wealthy families. Apart from custom private equity and wealth advisory solutions, our clients receive expert training, including custom business strategy and expert research assistance for long-term planning needs.
We work with other family office management organizations to provide custom solutions for a wide variety of needs within wealthy families. Family office consultants at Nead & Co. work in a strategic way to increase the efficiency and impact of non-public, private investment opportunities in middle-market companies, including real estate opportunities. Contact us today for more information.