Capital Advisory for Private Transactions

Private Equity Investing Advisory

We offer a unique business buyout solution for owners looking to retire, move on to a new venture or take a more focused role in the business they founded. After the business sale we intend to take a direct management role with a strong commitment to preserving the legacy of the business and continuing its ongoing success.
On certain, select deals we act on the buy-side and either invest directly or act as an independent sponsor in majority change-of-control acquisition transactions. We focus our investments on the middle and lower middle markets.
We are actively seeking to establish relationships for the purpose of sourcing regular, private business investment opportunities. In doing so we work with the following groups: business owners looking to sell, investment bankers representing sell-side mandates and corporations looking to divest or sell a division within a larger organization.

Our Transaction Focus

Where we play and how we do it

We work directly with growing companies, special situations and buyout opportunities. Giving up a portion of your business for a sponsored minority or majority stake can be a great way to finance growth while concurrently assuaging your company’s diversification risk. We work directly with private equity groups (PEG), high net-worth individuals and corporate investors to find the right fit for an ownership stake in the business. This type of financing arrangement has a number of specific benefits including:
Enhanced input from outside management expertise. Many private equity firms work directly as secondary management, helping to consult the business to its next level of growth. Risk mitigation through better diversification. Entrepreneurs avoid the risk of holding all their assets in a single business by allowing an equity investment to take some money off the table to invest in other more liquid assets. Growth equity investments bring deeper pockets. Growth often takes capital which cash-strapped small businesses are unable to access. Equity investments can help ensure businesses capitalize on growth opportunities by investing with greater resources. Our partner network of private investors brings a strong investment approach to every management buyout opportunity. Whether you’re looking to finance a full or partial buyout of your business, reputable and willing investor buyers can help assist in the buyout.
Like any other approach to financing, the structure of private equity investment deals can be as broad and diverse as the businesses themselves. Numerous and varied methods exist for funding, growing and buying existing businesses and their assets with private funds. Our partners work strategically with owners in equity financings for a strategic growth, merger and acquisition opportunities, co-investment deals in sponsor-led transactions, add-on investments with debt-augmentation, limited liability partnerships and private placement deals. When determining the type of financing needed, our partners take a holistic approach--assessing industry trends with individual company historical performance.
Each method of financing carries with it its own version of risk/return trade-off. And depending on the type and timing of an equity investment, investors will require different portions of the company pie. Private equity, venture or angel investments in startups tend to exact greater equity at the outset. Equity investments in later-stage companies represents a smaller risk for the investors and thus a smaller portion of the equity in the business. Private equity at any stage has particular advantages.
One of the greatest advantages of obtaining private equity funding is the assistance obtained from equity investors. Equity investors are often experienced and knowledgeable managers who can aid consulting input and assistance to both fledgling and prosperous businesses alike. Unlike debt financing, equity owners are share in the gains and not just the pains of the business cycles. This helps align goals of management and investors to ensure growth occurs. Furthermore, private equity financing takes away the risk of a bank securing your home or other assets as collateral in a loan. This can help alleviate some of the risk of capital procurement from the owner founder.
Building outsized returns for individual and institutional investors is what private equity is all about. Some might argue many private equity investments of recent vintage have failed to provide returns commensurate with investor mandates, but there are always outliers and exceptions. Typically private equity investments which perform well have a very tight, developed strategy. They find niches where value is being left on the table and find a way to further maximize theirs and their clients’ goals.